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Coompo company is a global high-tech enterprise, specializing in chemical and biological research products and service to meet the research needs of global customers. With the help of fast and efficient global supply chain, professional and rigorous procurement process and timely dynamic news of products, you will save more time with less cost and lead in drug discovery and screening.

Coompo serves three major client groups: Research laboratories, hospitals; Pharmaceutical industry in the process from lead discovery through to pre-clinical stages; Laboratory & diagnostic reagent producers.

Coompo offers a wide range of high quality research chemicals including novel life-science reagents, reference standards, inhibitors, activator, APIs and natural compounds for laboratory and scientific use. Our customer service and technical support teams have many years’ experience in the life science and Pharm industry. Coompo will be a sincere and trustworthy partner for you and we are dedicated to be chemical and biological Expert.

Coompo currently offers an extensive catalogue in excess of 50,000 products with an extensive inventory for immediate shipment. Where stock is unavailable, we will undertake production of new and known compounds upon customer order.
Orders by E-mail
Orders can be placed by Emails. All orders received will be shipped in the next day if the stock is available.

To place an order, please provide the following information.

1) Your name and telephone number
2) Purchase order number
3) Product number, package size, description, and quantity
4) Shipping and billing addresses

Sent to your order to our email: info@coompo.com
Discount Request
If you have any questions about discounts or dealer discount, please send us a message. We will be glad to help.
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